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Rule Book


Rule Book 2016

  1. The club shall be known as the Strood Pelican Cruising Club and shall sail under its own flag (which is a white pelican on blue background).


  1. Every candidate for admission should be proposed by one Member and seconded by another member. When an applicant is not known to existing members he/she should submit the names of two referees to whom the secretary will apply.


  1. Every member whose fees shall be overdue for the period of 28 days shall cease (at the discretion of the Committee) to be a member, but the Secretary must give the member adequate notice.


  1. The management and superintendence of the Club will be vested in the Commodore, Vice Commodore (Chairman), Treasurer, Secretary, Mooring Master (Deep Water), Mooring Master (Mud Berths), Bosun, and four Committee Members of the Club.


  1. Any member desiring to formulate a new rule, or, to amend an existing rule, shall notify the Secretary in writing and post a copy of the same in the Club Room twenty-eight clear days before the next Annual General Meeting (or special meeting).

A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall consist of 50% Committee Members present and for a General Meeting thirty-five members present.


  1. Should any member act in such a manner as to be seriously prejudicial to the interests of the Club, the Committee may request him to leave forthwith. If such a request is not complied within 14 days, the Committee shall bring the matter before a Special General Meeting. The Committee shall then be empowered to remove the member’s name. Any member leaving the club voluntarily or otherwise shall not be entitled to any refund of club membership or mooring fees for that year, also any member voluntarily moving to a cheaper berth shall not be entitled to a refund of fees for that year.


  1. Cheques should bear the signature of two of the following four:-

The Treasurer, plus

The Commodore

The Vice Commodore

The Secretary


  1. The Secretary and Treasurer shall submit the Annual Balance Sheets duly audited by a Professional Auditor.


  1. One third of the Officers should retire annually and may be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations shall be handed to the Secretary not less than 7 clear days in advance of such a meeting. If no other applications for officers or committee are received posts offered back to existing persons.


  1. The use of Moorings and Buoys shall come under the supervision of the Mooring Masters and any member wishing to change his berth or mooring shall apply to the Mooring Master in charge of that berth or mooring.


  1. No individual member shall be allowed to make a business out of the Club


  1. All members shall be entitled to a copy of the club rules.


  1. The club accepts no responsibility for individual member’s property, and all vehicles parked on club premises are left at the owner’s risk. .


  1. All members will be required to inform the Secretary of any change in his craft, name or address and phone numbers for contact in case of emergency within one month.


  1. Any boat abandoned for a 12-month period will be sold for the market price, monies due to the Club will be redeemed, and the balance will be paid to the owner.


  1. All vessels on club moorings or club property yard whether temporary or permanent are required to have third party insurance valid for twelve months with a minimum indemnity limit of £2,000,000 (two million pounds sterling). A copy of the insurance certificate is to be deposited annually in the club office on renewal, (a post box will be sited in tea room for this purpose) No use shall be made of the allocated berth until the current certificate is submitted.


  1. All new proposed and existing members shall comply with the Medway Ports Authority requirements for their craft, regarding boat insurance and purchase and display of river licence.


  1. No members shall have, or leave any property on Club premises, other than that used for boating, or in pursuance of boating, and shall be requested by the Mooring Masters or Committee Member to remove any other property.


  1. Change of subscription to the first day of May. Subscriptions and Mooring Fees shall be paid no later than the last Monday in that month.


  1. Boats shall be berthed as indicated by the Mooring Masters and to their satisfaction. The Mooring Masters may at any time and at their sole discretion, move any boat to another berth.


  1. Any member vacating his allotted berth for a period exceeding 6 consecutive months, without notifying the Mooring Master in writing, automatically loses his right to that berth, and the Mooring Master may re-allocate the berth.


  1. The total membership of the Strood Pelican Cruising Club shall be limited to 100.


  1. By-laws may be made from time to time to ensure the proper usage of Club property and facilities by the General Committee.


  1. New members may not have a vessel exceeding an overall length of 40 feet.


Existing members with a vessel exceeding this length have to comply with this rule when replacing their vessel.


  1. There shall be no bonfires or letting off of any type of pyrotechnics within the boundaries of Strood Pelican Cruising Club without the consent of the Committee.


  1. All members should visit their boat at least once a month and more frequently during inclement weather.


  1. All new applicants must have had their Subscriptions and Mooring Fees paid, and produced a copy of insurance certificate prior to occupying a berth allocated by the Mooring Master.


  1. Children are to be supervised at all times by an adult. Children on pontoons are to wear a Life jacket or Buoyancy aid.


  1. Dogs that are brought onto Club Premises must be kept on a lead and any excrement picked up and disposed of by the member.


  1. Any member will have had to be fully paid up for a three-year period and served on the committee for 2 years before being eligible to apply for the position of Commodore, Treasurer or secretary and one year paid up period to apply for the General Committee.


  1. At the discretion of the Committee all craft ashore to be worked on will have up to one year to complete. Then the craft must be returned to its permanent mooring.


  1. Owners must ensure that vessels are securely moored in the position, as allocated by the Mooring Master. All vessels secured to Club moorings must use ropes and fenders suitable for the vessel and in a serviceable condition. All boats must have serviceable operating pumps or be removed ashore. No fixtures or fittings (cleats etc) shall be added fixed to pontoons without permission of SPCC and mooring master.


  1. Waiting lists criteria for allocation to deep water and half tide pontoons will be determined upon by date of application. Waiting lists shall be posted on the club notice board members will be responsible for checking the information is correct. The waiting lists will show name of member along with application date vessel name, size length and type of mooring required. Any berth becoming vacant or available shall be offered by the mooring master to the first member on the waiting list for that class and size of mooring .the dimensions of any vessel on the waiting list shall be the overall length including any fixtures or fittings, temporary or permanent. The mooring master will check and agree prior to allocation, if no vessel of a suitable size is available from the lists the mooring master may allocate the berth in the best way he considers suitable to maximise the clubs income. In all cases the mooring master will take applicants in order of application seniority.


  1. Members cannot have two boats on club premises without one boat being actively up for sale, evidence will be required to prove this and confirmed with secretary, if not sold within twelve months a fee will then be charged relevant to size and storage location at current club rates. Prior to a member purchasing a new boat he/she will have to first inform and agree with committee any conditions before bringing boat onto club premises.


  1. All members must attend two of the four work parties each year, failure to do so will result in a fine of £50 added to their annual bill, members who are unable to attend can be allocated or do other work beneficial to the club during the year will be excused the fine at the discretion of the committee.


  1. The main access gate at Morrison entrance must be kept locked at all times. The main gate to SPCC yard must be locked at all times unless constantly supervised. The pontoon gate shall be closed when few people on pontoons or when leaving.


  1. Subscriptions and Mooring Fees will be subject to an annual increase equal to that of the retail price index (RPI), published by the government in respect of the previous year, but capped at an increase no greater than 5% .These figures shall be displayed on the notice board.


  1. There shall be no live aboard berths available at Strood Pelican Cruising Club. Short term and weekend stays will be permissible.


  1. All new members and existing members requiring a new gate key will pay a £50.00 deposit.

To download copy of the rule book click the link below


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